Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if working with you is right for me? 

Great question!  My 1:1 coaching program is for you if:

*finding the right relationship for you (and feeling confident and relaxed in the process) is a top priority for you at this stage of your life.  You’re psyched about the opportunity to feel more romantically fulfilled! 

*you’re seriously ready for a change, and ready to back that up with making changes to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  In other words, you’re ready to level up your dating game!

*you’ve tried everything and still feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or dissatisfied. You know your same old programming and patterns aren’t working for you, but you’re not sure what to do about it.

*you are willing to step out of your comfort zone (don’t worry, I’ve got your back every step of the way) and try some things that may feel challenging or uncomfortable.  I promise, it gets easier as you go!

*you resonate with anything you’ve read here on the website or in my blog.  I intend the information here to be a true reflection of myself and what I stand for – authenticity and transparency are of the utmost importance to me!

If you’re still not sure, please contact me to book a complimentary discovery call with me – I’d love to chat!

My coaching is NOT for you if:

*you expect a coach to do all the heavy lifting.  This work will require shifts, both internally and externally, and those shifts are YOURS.  I will teach you, but it is up to you to implement the tools.

*you aren’t willing to commit 3-5 hours a week to our coaching sessions, follow-up exercises and skills practice.  I won’t overwhelm you with homework, but this work sets you up for transformation – and that’s not half-assable (I just made that word up, but I’m sticking with it).


Do you only work with women?

Absolutely not!  The trait of high sensitivity appears to be evenly split between men and women, and I believe that HSP men are just as deserving of a supportive path to self-acceptance, given our society’s focus on a, shall we say, LESS sensitive and attuned version of masculinity.  I also celebrate and champion those who identify as gender non-conforming and am delighted to coach clients across the full spectrum of sexual orientation and preference.  I truly believe that love is love!


Can you guarantee I’ll find love?

In short, no.  Legally and ethically, I cannot guarantee a specific result, like a relationship or marriage. However, I can promise to get you into a position where finding love will be significantly easier than it has been. I can guarantee you’ll feel supported, seen, cared for and cheered on as you take steps to transform your relationship to the dating process and to yourself.  I can guarantee that I’ll show up for you consistently and fully. I can guarantee that if you do the work, you’ll be well-positioned to identify romantic partners that see your sensitivity as a positive quality and dodge those who don’t.  I can predict with confidence that you’ll feel more authentically grounded in your dating endeavors.  What you do with the skills and strategies I provide is ultimately up to you — that’s the beauty of free will!


Can I book you for just one session?

Because I want to get to know you and how your version of HSP expresses itself, and because transforming your relationship to dating and love doesn’t happen instantly, I don’t recommend one session.  If you have a very specific question or concerns you want addressed, I suggest we you book a discovery call to discuss your goals, and I’ll give you a timeframe. The best results are usually achieved between 4-9 months.

Think of it this way: you didn’t acquire these habits, thoughts, and relationship patterns overnight.  Reversing them doesn’t happen that quickly either. However, know that I am respectful of your time, and I’m certain you’ll come away from our sessions feeling like you’ve taken one step closer to your desired relationship goal.


I’m not an HSP!  Can I still work with you to find love?

Absolutely.  While my strategies address aspects of HSP life that require specific attention in today’s fast-paced dating world, they are translatable to those who don’t identify with the trait, with some adjustments.


I’m satisfied with my relationship life, but have another life transition or transformation I want to focus on.  Can I still work with you?

Yes!  While finding a love connection is high priority for many, there are many other facets of life that deserve our attention and care. I also love coaching clients toward non-relationship goals, especially those who are seeking to “level up” in their lives.  My coaching services are transformational and aimed at helping you develop your vision of your highest HSP potential!


What if I’m not satisfied with the work we do together?

It is crucial to me that my clients are not only satisfied, but overjoyed by their transformations. As such, I offer a no-risk guarantee: if, after our second session, you don’t feel it’s a fit, I will fully refund your program fees.

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