One-on-One Dating Coaching

Ever feel like everyone around you is in the relationship fast lane, whizzing by with you in their dust?  Now’s the time to change that.  It’s up to you to decide to get in the dating driver’s seat, or stay stuck on the shoulder — I can equip you with both the tools to do so, AND the belief in yourself that you can do it!

My Signature 1:1 Coaching program is designed to fully transform your relationship to the dating process — and to yourself! I’ll guide you in a collaborative process that celebrates your sensitivity and makes it work FOR you.  You’ll learn how to put your best HSP foot forward and to identify partners who understand and appreciate you, just as you are!

Every strategy is tailor-made for those with high sensitivity and dating anxiety. After all, not everyone experiences the world in the same way, so why should you approach finding a relationship with all the conventional dating “wisdom” that’s out there?

The nuts and bolts:

Over the course of five months, we’ll have sixteen hour-long coaching calls via telephone or online video portal.  Don’t worry if you’re not in the United States — I’ve supported HSPs all across the globe!

Together, we’ll address any blocks that you’ve built up, and harness your HSP superpowers to catapult you to a new dating comfort zone – one with confidence, enthusiasm and a sunny outlook on your partner potential!  I’ll show you how to get out of your own way, be your best self, and troubleshoot anything that arises.  I’ll be honest about what’s worked for me, as well as some of my biggest flops — so you can sidestep the potholes for a smooth ride to relationship readiness!

Because I'm all about transparency, I need to clarify:

I have an unshakeable belief that our work together will leave you transformed — PROVIDED you choose to do the work.  Ultimately, you have agency over your growth, and though the changes you’ll be implementing and the skills you acquire may bring about some initial discomfort, I’ve seen my clients make tremendous strides, and I know that you can too!  That being said, I am unable to guarantee a specific result or outcome to you.

I can guarantee you’ll have an arsenal of tools to better evaluate and navigate relationships and feel empowered in your ability to apply them.  I can help you bring awareness to the problematic patterns you’ve engaged in, and get unstuck from your programming in the present and future. It’s very likely that you’ll feel some or all of the following: at ease, enthusiastic, confident, grounded, liberated, self-compassionate, rejuvenated, accepted, and LOVED.

If you’re ready to show up for yourself and for your future partnership, let me show up for you!!  You’ll have my unbridled support, care, expertise and perspective.

Along with your specific relationship goals, we'll cover content from the following seven modules so you can get your sexy on:

 Embracing Your Sensitive Superpowers – a Paradigm Shift

The Balanced You – Shift Your Dating Story

 Treat Yo’Self – Developing a Kinder Relationship with YOU

 Leaving Dating Hurdles in Your Dust – Solutions for Overarousal

Your Authentic Worth – Enhance Boundaries and Reduce People-Pleasing

 Dating by Design – Using Your HSP Detective Skills to Identify Your Ideal Partner

 After the Date – Navigating Healthy Relationships

Your five-month program includes:

I'm Here for You!

Your coaching program includes unlimited email support (responses within 24 hours, Monday-Friday) and texts via WhatsApp — for those moments when you feel stuck!

Your Coaching Sessions - Forever

At your request, you’ll receive recordings of our calls for additional reflection or review.

Tools and Resources

Though I promise I won’t overwhelm you with homework (you’ve got a busy life, I get it!), I’ll happily provide weekly worksheets and additional tools to transform your new skills into automatic habits.

A Community Who Gets You

No more feeling isolated and alienated — you’ll receive access to my private Facebook group, the Superpowered Sensitive, a community of like-minded Highly Sensitive souls.

Investment: $3997 (pay in full) – save $1000!

Payment Plan: $997 (auto-pay deducted day of purchase and monthly thereafter)


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